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branded cryptocurrencies

Coinvise helps creators and communities create, distribute and exchange their own branded cryptocurrency.


Create your own market

For creators who want to earn, reward and grow their community with their own branded cryptocurrency

Monetize Engagement

Collect payments from your community for paid content, digital collectables, exclusive events, merchandise, products or services on the Coinvise marketplace.

Reward your community

Reward your community for showing support and set up incentive mechanisms, proposals, voting, discounts, early access and more, directly on discord.

Grow your token value

Token value is determined by the market and grows as your community grows and the demand for them. Holding tokens can show a sense of ownership for community members.


A suite of tools enabling you to create and exchange social tokens


Token Creation

Mint a personal or a community digital token on a blockchain. To store and exchange your tokens, create an ethereum wallet here.

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Token Airdrop

Distribute tokens with a unique link to your community. This unique link can be shared on social media and securely claimed by a recipient.

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1-Click Distribution

Send tokens in batch to anyone on the internet. Import a CSV or a list of token addresses to send tokens in one click.

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Coinvise Marketplace

Easiest way for token owners or your community to buy or sell tokens at a specified price on the Coinvise marketplace.

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Creators use their token for paid content, NFTs, digital collectables, music, artwork and more.




The NASDAQ of the music industry: Our platform enables independent artists to be invested in like a stock and lets fans get an ROI.



Marcus Sandstrom

Co-Founder of Viseo: A data-driven SEO and Google Ads agency that focuses on your KPIs. $MARCUS distributed to employees and Viseo users.




$ZCN is an ERC20 token on Ethereum used to reward blobbers for offering storage and contributing to 0Chain's verification & token locking protocol.


Latest updates and releases from Coinvise


Coinvise x 0Chain

Earn $ZCN for building on top of 0Chain's dStorage Protocol

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Coinvise Marketplace

Easiest way to buy and sell creator and community tokens

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1-click token distribution

Send social tokens in batch to anyone on the internet

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Create and exchange your digital token, check out our open-source code, join our team or simply get in touch.